Albuquerque personal injury attorney: Ask these key questions

Albuquerque personal injury attorney

Whether you are dealing with injuries caused by a car accident or have a medical malpractice lawsuit to fight, you have to get a good lawyer on your side. You don’t want any random lawyer but a personal injury lawyer. People often have reservations about lawyering up, primarily because they don’t usually understand the role of an attorney. It is common to assume that one has a valid claim, and therefore, getting compensation wouldn’t be hard. You have to consider one key aspect – insurance companies are not there to help you. If you are hiring an Albuquerque personal injury attorney, don’t forget to ask these questions.

What’s your area of specialization?

Not all personal injury lawyers deal with all types of cases. Some are good at winning auto accident claims, while another team of lawyers may have won numerous medical malpractice lawsuits. Before you consider a lawyer, ask if they have worked on similar cases. More importantly, if such cases are a part of their regular practice. For instance, if you have a car accident lawsuit, you need a personal injury lawyer who takes up such cases time and again.

What is your initial evaluation?

While personal injury lawyers often need to investigate an accident before jumping to conclusions, experienced attorneys usually know what to expect from the case. When you meet an attorney, ask about the potential outcomes and how they handled such cases in the past. A good lawyer is someone who will not crush hope but would also be upfront with facts. Don’t shy away from discussing the expected settlement.

How much would you charge? Do you have time?

Most personal injury law firms in Albuquerque charge a contingency fee. This fee is a share of the settlement and not an hourly rate. However, you still need to know the attorney’s fees and other expenses in detail. Depending on the facts and complications, it is common for personal injury lawyers to charge 33% of the final settlement, although some lawyers may charge as much as 40%. Also, ask the attorney if they have time for the case. It is common for lawyers to share cases, and while that’s okay, you need to know the attorney working on the case directly.

Final word

Don’t forget to check an attorney’s reviews online. Make sure that you feel comfortable talking to a personal injury lawyer and ask them how you can contact them in the future when needed.

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