Desert Biome: Exploring The Tough Life of Animals and Plants

Desert Biome

Deserts have occupied 33% of the world’s land which is more than one-fifth of Earth’s land. Deserts are the driest, hot, and sandy places in the world. 

All continents have deserts except for Europe. The area in the deserts where animals and plants survive is known as the desert biome.

What exactly is Desert Biome?

The desert biome is characterized as an area of a desert where animals and plants survive and live. This is not a particular type of dessert. Deserts are not always hot. There are also some cold deserts in the world. 

But the desert biome is always hot. Within this area of deserts, the desert biome contains animals and plants that are very powerful against heat and dry lands to survive. Be connected with us to start the journey of the desert biome with its hot and boiling environment with unique animals and plants.

Many people get confused when they hear about the desert biome. It is different from a regular desert. I mean it’s part of a desert but the area is specified for the living animals and plants. Only the area where animals and plants survive is considered the desert biome. 

How do Species Survive Here?

The place is not as harsh as you might be thinking. That is the area where life exists within a desert. Many species of plants and animals that live within this area have special abilities that are useful within deserts. 

For example, the animals who live in this area have the ability to live without water for many days because we know that the average rain count in the deserts for a year is just 10 cm. So, a unique ability is required for animals and plants to survive without water for many days. 

Some animals and plants can store water, another ability required for survival in this kind of harsh land. 

Species of Desert Biome:

Desert Biome animal

Within the hell-like land of desert, there live many fascinating species and plants which you might not be able to see anywhere in the world. Many mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects live here.

These include Kangaroo rats, lizards, toads, jackrabbits, spiders, snakes, camels, and meerkats. The plants that survive in this area are yuccas, turpentine bush, ocotillo, prickly pears, agaves, false mesquite, brittlebush, sotol, and ephedras.

Each animal and plant has its own unique adaptations. Camels can store water and they can live without water for several days. 

Food Chain:

Life in the desert biome is very complex and the food chain is also. Here starts the game of prey and predator. This maintains the food cycle in this kind of hot land. Insects feed on plants, reptiles feed on insects, and birds and mammals feed on reptiles.

This kind of life cycle helps all the specie to live, eat, and survive. Keep in mind, some animals are prey while some are predators. This maintains the food chain. There is a source of food for every specie in deserts.

Threats to the Ecosystem:

Although there are many things to see in the desert like the beauty of sand and the hot air, deserts are also facing many issues that can destroy or slowly destroy the ecosystem. 

For example, climate change is one of the biggest issues that deserts and species of deserts are facing currently. 

This can result in the death of many desert animals and plants. When some animals will die, it will break the food chain which can result in the destruction of many animal species which is the second biggest threat to the desert’s ecosystem. 

Habitat Destruction is also a major factor in the destruction of ecosystems. The mining, construction, and development projects are putting a big threat to the desert’s ecosystem. 


Desert Biome is a very exciting topic because it covers information about the animal insects and plants that are living within the hottest lands of deserts. There are many things to see in the beauty of the desert. The experience can be rewarding. We should do anything to save the ecosystem of deserts or we can simply stop ourselves from destroying the ecosystem of desert biome to maintain its natural beauty.

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