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House Mice- Signs and Dangers

House Mice

A House Mice infestation in your home can be very disturbing. Regardless of their size, they can cause significant damage to your house. They are dangerous in nature and carriers of several harmful diseases. They bring fleas and mites with them, which is another issue. They also infect areas with their saliva, urine, and fecal matter. It is crucial to contact professional services for pest inspection if you notice any infestation at your house.

House mice are small in size and light in weight. They are slender and furry in appearance.  They are generally dark brown with small eyes and big ears. They look similar to deer mice.

Signs of A House Mouse Infestation

These mice are easily identifiable by their appearance. However, some indications of house mouse infestations are as follows:

  • Gnaw markings

House mice mark the surfaces with chisel-like shapes while making entrances to find food. If you notice these marks around your house, there is a high probability that your house will be infested with mice.

  • Droppings

House mice droppings are in the shape of rods. They are around ⅛ to ¼ in length and have pointy edges.

  • Footprints

They have four toes on their front legs and five on their back ones. Make sure to keep a check on mouse prints around your home.

  • Rub marks

These mice leave greasy streaks while moving. If you notice any dirty marks around your place, it is time to get mice control services.

  • Damaged containers

House mice like to consume seeds and cereals. To get them, they often damage the boxes and containers used to store them.

Dangers of House Mice

House mice are not just annoying rodents but also a significant carrier of multiple diseases. They spread them with their fecal matter and saliva. Additionally, salmonella is one of the most dangerous diseases spread by them. It causes contamination of food items and food poisoning to consumers. Along with that, the house mice also cause jaundice, leptospirosis, and Weil’s diseases through their urine. Bubonic plague and typhus are also caused because of them. House mice spread airborne allergic particles that result in respiratory issues like asthma. They also bite electrical wires, leading to short circuits and electrical fires.

Professional Pest Control

House mice can cause significant damage to your health as well as your personal belongings. Self-created mouse control solutions are ineffective and only last for a short period. To cure the issue from the source, it is crucial to get professional help. The pest control services use a specialized treatment for eradicating the mice at your place and allow you to live without the stress of mice.

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