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Introducing some new updates to YouTube’s creator tools: YouTube 2022

YouTube 2022

In February of this year, we announced that we were updating our creator tools to ensure they provide creators with everything they need to build thriving careers on YouTube 2022. This included broadening the availability of our analytics tool, expanding access to monetization, and giving creators more control over their content. We’re excited about the positive impact these changes are having and have continued working towards our long-term goals of helping creators succeed. To continue delivering on this vision, today we’re introducing some new updates: To make it easier for creators to keep track of their uploads and marketing campaigns, you’ll now be able to see all your uploads from a particular date in one place. Additionally, when you launch an upload as a campaign, it will now also include other videos as part of that campaign. A lot has changed since we first launched YouTube 2023, so take a moment to explore the updated experience. Let us know what you think!

Keep track of your uploads from a particular date

You’ll now be able to see all your uploads from a particular date in one place. This is helpful if you want to find a specific upload or uploads from a particular date to reuse in a video or if you’re just tracking your uploads in general. Previously, this information was only available in the YouTube 2022 Analytics tab in the Creator Studio and took several steps to find. With the new feature, you’ll have one place to find all your uploads from a certain date. 

Through the GoViral tool, you can add free views and free YouTube subscribers to your channel. You can also boost user engagement through free YouTube comments and likes.

YouTube launches as part of your Campaign

We know that launching new videos is a big deal for creators and we’re excited to announce that when you launch a new video as part of a campaign, it will now also include other YouTube 2022 videos part of that campaign. Previously, you’d launch a new video and the second video in the campaign would be launched as part of the same campaign, so it wouldn’t be visible to audiences. With this update, all videos in the campaign will now all be launched as part of the same campaign, making it easier to manage and track.

YouTube Analytics now available to every creator

Alongside our updates to Analytics, we’ve also made it easier for all creators to access this tool in the Creator Studio. You’ll now see a new tab in the Settings section that allows you to turn on Analytics. Before this update, it only appeared in the Analytics section of the Creator Studio for select creators. This update makes it available to all creators in the settings menu.

Monetization improvements: You can now schedule earnings, add ad plugs and payouts automatically

When you’re running a campaign, you’ll now be able to automatically add ads and track performance. You can do this by enabling “Automatically add ads” in the settings menu for the campaign. If you decide to edit or delete the campaign after setting this up, remember to delete the ads created by the campaign before doing so. You’ll be able to set a date and time for when you’d like your campaigns to pay out earnings. With this, you can now schedule when you’d like your earnings to be paid out automatically.

More control over your videos: Enable hide content switches, edit or delete videos, and more.

In addition to being able to hide content switches, you can now edit or delete any video in your management console. You can also choose to delete a video entirely from your account.

Brand new homepage with improved navigation and discovery features

We’re updating the look and feel of the homepage. We’ve added a new navigation bar that makes it easier to find the tools and resources you need to make your channel successful. We’re also improving the discoverability of our resources, including the new feed that highlights top-performing videos.

Coming soon is – New landing page for creators that gives feedback and resources to grow.

As part of our ongoing work to help creators succeed, we’re developing a new landing page that will serve as a resource hub for creators. We’re excited for this new page to help make life easier for our creators, especially as we continue to roll out new tools and updates. Stay tuned for more details soon!

What’s next for YouTube?

Now that you have an idea of what’s ahead, we’d love to hear from you. What do you think about the updates we’ve made? What would you like to see next? We’re listening, so let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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