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Jack Posobiec Twitter account enabled him to spread hate

Facebook publishes a public list of its rules, which prohibits promoting hate and violence. Jack Posobiec Twitter reported Posobiec’s links to the white supremacist movement in a story on his antisemitic attacks on Jewish journalists. Authenticity rules are also maintained by Twitter. Despite claiming to work for CBS News on Twitter for more than half a year in 2016 and 2017, Posobiec never worked for them. Posobiec’s Twitter account was verified in April 2017, giving him the appearance of authority..”

The rate at which Posobiec tweets is staggering.

According to his archives, he Jack Posobiec Twitter about 93,000 times between June 30, 2018 and June 30, 2019. The number of tweets he sent in two years had reached just under 152,000 by June 30, 2020.

 A “prolific user” of Twitter publishes 138 tweets per month, according to Pew Research Center data. According to Pew, Posobiec tweeted or retweeted content 2,500 times per month over the last two years, nearly 18 times more than what Pew considered prolific. A growing audience has resulted from Posobiec’s efforts to flood the platform with content. A million Twitter followers will be attained by 2020, according to him.

Despite public outcry over Pizzagate and other stunts, Posobiec’s Twitter account has endured. During a text message conversation with Richard Spencer in November 2016, he admitted his account had been temporarily suspended at some point in the past, possibly when operating his previous handle, @AngryGOTFan, but he did not explain what happened. Since Posobiec became publicly associated with President Trump, Hatewatch was unable to find any instance in which he was temporarily suspended.

The company responded to Hatewatch’s request for comment by noting that Posobiec does not “currently” violate its rules. According to Hatewatch, Twitter did not respond to a question asking if “currently” refers to tweets Posobiec has since deleted. In any case, Twitter’s response seems to indicate a misunderstanding of Posobiec’s exploitation of their platform to spread hateful or deceptive material.

Posobiec’s continued dissemination of hate and

Disinformation on Jack Posobiec Twitter is also ignored by Twitter. During antiracist demonstrations across the country, Posobiec allegedly planted pipe bombs in Washington, D.C., according to a story published by the Daily Beast on June 3. In response to civil unrest during the same demonstrations, Posobiec also appeared to promote white vigilantism on Twitter as Hatewatch illustrates below.

According to Posobiec’s response to a request for comment on this investigation, Hatewatch’s findings were “disinformation. An antisemitic tweet by Posobiec prompts a response from Jewish groups

In part one of this series, Hatewatch explained that Posobiec used the antisemitic “echoes” meme to mark CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, journalists at a Peter Thiel press conference, and HBO showrunners of Game of Thrones in 2016. As part of their harassment campaign during the 2016 presidential election, white supremacists put three parentheses around the names of Jews.

As a response to Posobiec’s social media statements targeting Jewish journalists, Hatewatch contacted three Jewish human rights groups.

Among the members of the mostly

White nationalist “alt-right” movement, Posobiec was included in a 2017 ADL study. Taking a selfie outside Poland’s Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, Posobiec responded to the ADL’s report.

“It would be good if @ADL_National recalled what happened when undesirables were listed last time,” Posobiec wrote. Segal’s analysis of Posobiec’s statements about Jews was confirmed by Rick Eaton, a senior researcher at the Simon Wiesenthal Center:

In a livestream on Periscope, Posobiec mocked the Holocaust. In a Periscope livestream posted to Twitter on March 31, 2017, Posobiec mocked the Holocaust. 

The Daily Caller’s Washington, D.C., office was livestreaming the book launch of white nationalist author Scott Greer at the time. Once The Atlantic reported Greer was writing for Richard Spencer’s publication Radix Journal under the pseudonym “Michael McGregor” a year and a half after the event attended by Posobiec, The Daily Caller cut ties with Greer. According to Right Wing Watch, Greer attended the event with Posobiec as well as other white nationalists, including writers for the white supremacist publication American Renaissance.

He referred in his livestream video to

Kekistan,” a meme created by white nationalists on the imageboard site 4chan. Which mocks the genocide of Jewish people during World War II. Pepe the Frog imagery was combined with Nazi symbolism in the meme. During that time, Posobiec called himself “Kekistani,” which was usually used by white supremacists. Who used the message board forum 4chan to signal solidarity.

“I heard, someone heard… [they’re] turning Kekistanis into lampshades,” Posobiec said.Jews are often referred to as soap and lampshades by white supremacists. It is a war-borne myth that began during the Holocaust that Nazis turned Jews into soap. Sometimes, white supremacists use it to trivialize World War II’s genocide of Jews.

There is much more to come after Pizzagate

Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor staff and patrons were held up in December 2016 by a man armed with firearms while looking for evidence to back up far-right allegations that the restaurant was a center for child sex trafficking. Additionally, the website was used for other disinformation campaigns as well.

A hand-printed sign with the phrase “Rape Melania. Referring to First Lady Melania, was placed in a crowd of anti-Trump protesters outside the. Trump hotel in January 2017, according to the article by Buzzfeed. Posobiec planned and executed the effort.

 Videos of the protest were posted on Twitter, amplifying the sign and giving. The impression that it was written by a Trump protestor. Posobiec used a website to mock Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, immediately following the event. And the words “Rape Melania” trended on Twitter.mp, is a rather infamous example.



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