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Childbirth is the most remarkable moment in the life of parents. To see this moment in real-time, nicview helps you a lot. It is an online live-streaming service that helps parents to see real-time footage of their newborn baby. 

There are a lot of benefits that will make you choose the Nicview family app for streaming your newborn baby. Before continuing to the login portal, you just need to know what exactly it is, how it works, nicview login, and what are things to know to use it properly.

Nicview Family App

Nicview is an online streaming service by which you and your family can watch the live footage of your baby from NICU. If babies are born early or have some health problems then doctors send the baby to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 24 hours protection and care of the baby. 

Parents can visit their baby in NICU but for special hours. Other family members can also visit the NICU for a limited time. But, it is very difficult for parents and family members to leave their baby alone in the hands of the NICU for protection. Of course, it is difficult for parents because they cannot all the time with the baby in NICU.

nicu ward baby

To make parents comfortable and avoid their mental health issues, Nicview helps a lot. It allows parents to watch the live streaming of their baby via a camera that the doctor places in front of the baby’s bed. 

Parents can remotely watch the baby from anywhere by using a laptop, mobile phone, computer, or any device with internet access. For getting access to the baby’s live streaming, parents need nicview login portal and login credentials to access the live stream

Nicview Login Guide

nicview login portal

You have to sign a nicview consent form for getting login credentials for nicview login portal. The doctors will give you login credentials in printed form or the login credentials can also be sent via email or message. 

After receiving the login information, you have to visit their website which will automatically redirect you to the login portal. Now, you have to add the login information in the login portal to access the live stream. 

Now, here is a precaution! Don’t share login credentials with any other person. Only the person with login credentials can access the live streaming of your baby. So, make sure that the login information is safe with your family members.

You don’t have to create a new account because the medical staff will give you the login information of an already-created account. 

Is Nicview Safe to use?

Nicview is completely safe and it is protected by SSL. You don’t have to worry about your baby’s footage because only the person with login credentials can watch the baby.  


There are a lot of benefits of nicview login portal. 

  • Only the person with the login credentials can see the baby which makes sit completely safe.
  • Parents can watch their baby to ensure that their baby is safe and under the protection of medical staff. 
  • The camera will provide high-quality footage and static footage. If you feel any disturbance then you can complain nicview camera troubleshooting in nicview technical support form. 

Closing Instructions

You have to keep in mind that your baby is under the protection of medical staff and it is possible that your baby will be in the hands of nurses or medical staff for treatment. At this time, you will be unable to see your baby. The stream will show a static image. You will also be unable to see your baby if the baby is in a blanket.

Keep in mind, your baby is under the protection of medical staff but if you still face any trouble then you can contact nicview technical support or medical staff. Hope this guide helped you a lot.

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