What is Play to Earn Crypto Games?

CELA QUEST RULES These games are amazing for gaming enthusiasts. Such games use tokens to support the economy of a country. It also helps the crypto industry financially to a large extent. Gamers can do different functions with these games. Selling, buying, and trading within these games are possible. 

There are some paid crypto games, while others are free to play. There have been different advancements in these games for users. 

We are going to have a look at these games, their benefits, and other aspects in detail. 

Amazing Benefits of Play-to-Earn Games

In this section of the post, we are going to learn about the benefits of play to earn crypto games. Convincing enough for you to grab a free crypto game and start earning from it!!!

  • Earn money

Some of the free crypto games are enticing. These allow you to earn from them without investing in them at all. But there are some crypto games available in the market that requires initial installments. These games give NFTs for passing a level or winning a certain threshold in the game. You can later sell these NFTs to make money out of them. 

  • Create and sell NFTs

NFTs are now an exciting sector of the world. So many artists are religiously working on NFTs of their own. Crypto games are in direct contact with NFTs, where the gamers get these as their game rewards so that these can be sold on an authentic marketplace to earn cash later.  

  • Have fun and escape to new worlds

Some crypto games are whole metaverse where there is a higher degree of customization in a digital world. These are a productive use of time as well. A fun way to earn money from NFTs through such crypto games. 

Top 5 Best Play Earn Games

  • Cela Quest

CELA QUEST is a blockchain-driven P2E game that offers amazing blockchain technologies in its mechanisms.

Cela Quest is an action P2E game that relies on skillful game play combined with blockchain game categories and action mechanisms. The Cela Quest is mostly about combat, fighting, and battles. It includes guns, explosives, and weapons as well.

Compared to traditional P2E games, players can hold ownership of assets in this game. That way, players can earn Tokens and Coins and collect NFTs via playing. The digital assets are exchangeable for CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

Cela Quest is a fruitful and functional crypto game. The gamers can depend on Cela Quest to earn big incentives through the game. The technologies of Cela quest are NFTs, crypto, and tokens.

Cela quest is a fine addition to the world of crypto-based games. Earning through money is a new trend these days. The crypto games like Cela quest are enormous assets for gaming enthusiasts since Cela quest has proven to be authentic for making people earn real money.

Let’s have a look at the following features of Cela quest: 

Features of the Cela Quest P2E Platform Development

  • Acts as a viable asset for the crypto ownership of virtual resources. 
  • Cela quest supports a decentralized site that is helpful in earning crypto and other prizes. 
  • Offers a reliable blockchain ecosystem that renders an immutable community of seasoned crypto gamers. 
  • How To Play?

The game includes different NFT characters that fight to earn. There are many paid game characters present in the game too. The game prizes are up to $10-$20 for the users. There are different levels in the game. Users have to surpass multiple levels to win more NFTs. 

  • Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a metaverse-based backed by Binance, which is a famous blockchain. Ethereum is the partner for this game. The entire navigation and user interface of the game is simple. The gamers have to mine the token offered by the game. The wallet used for transactions for this game is a WAX wallet. To further proceed with the game’s levels. The gamers have to use the game’s tokens called trilliums. 

They can also make purchases with the same tokens seamlessly. The players also receive royalty if someone else mines their own premises or property in the game. The game offers special Binanace missions that allow players to earn more NFTs easily. The game features a DAO mechanism. It offers predictability in the game. There are different developments in technical’s that are in process. 

  • Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free crypto-card game. The gamers get different cards and then go for minting them like NFTs. There is nothing that needs purchasing in this game. The user has to make an account from the official website of Gods Unchained. After that, they would receive a pack of cards. So that they can start playing the game, a welcome set is like a walkthrough of the game for beginners. There are special core cards in the welcome set. 

These can be transformed into NFT cards easily. So players can sell these NFT cards in their preferred marketplace. The gamers who are ranked in the game will also be given exciting prizes. Another way to earn from the game is to participate in the in-game events. 

There are some pricy cards as well. But the objective of the game is to make the users win several levels by using the simple deck of cards. In this way, they don’t have to invest at all in the game. The gamers are basically the owners of the cards they get from the game. 

  • Plants vs. Undead

It is identical to the game Plants vs. Zombies. There are some little differences between the both. The game is based on a tower defense metaverse. Since a meteorite has attacked the planet, it has turned many healthy people into zombies or undead. These zombies would invade plants. 

The plants must come together to fight these undead people. The token of the game is PVU. A standard token from Binance. The crypto of the game is LE or often called light energy. The users earn more tokens as they proceed with farming on multiple lands. The game is a free crypto game for the players. 

Uses a Metamask wallet and needs a basic sign-up. The users will get free NFT assets and plants in the beginning. The seasoned players will get several seeds to grow more plants and earn more NFTs as they go further in the game levels. 

  • Pegaxy

Pegaxy is an outstanding horse game. The players have to contribute to the metaverse-based horse racing through the game. The game is not free. As a player, you either buy a horse or Pega or rent it in the other case. Plus, there are rewards given to the players right at the beginning of the game. The players that proceed with Pega have restriction actions. The racing is spontaneous as well. 

These Pegas are present in the marketplace where people can buy them. The players can also breed the Pegas to produce their offspring. One player can play with two Pegas. The process of breeding is not free, and you have to pay for it. The players earn by winning the races, selling, and giving the Pegas on rent to other players. 

The players will be able to earn more as they gain experience by contributing to other players and learning from them as well. 

Reasons to Choose Cela Quest over Other Games

What should be the best part of crypto games like Cela quest? It’s equal access for gamers. So that they can earn real cash while randomly playing the game. It is important to know that gamers have multiple ways to earn from the Cela quest. 

  • Gamers can use a validated marketplace to sell items they have earned from the Cela quest there to get money in exchange. These items might be characters, cards, weaponry, and other objects.  
  • Another way to earn from Cela quest is to participate in all the challenges and quizzes offered by this game. Also, gamers can earn from answering different questions for prize money. 
  • Cela quest allows you to win by defeating your opponents in the game. It earns you money and other pricey game items. 
  • The players can enhance the overall persona of their characters in Cela quest to make them attractive for others to buy them in a marketplace. 

Final Verdict

Gaming is definitely a fun way to avoid boredom. But as technology has advanced to an impressive level. Now you can earn from several crypto games as well. The games backed by block chains are an impressive invention. Allowing the people to take full benefits from these. A fine relationship between the block chains with NFTs is a prove that players can take these games as passive income for their good. Are you thinking what crypto to buy? CELA – the native token of Celadon Coin has the future!

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