The Turpin Family

Turpin Family

The Turpin Family involves maltreatment of a group of children and dependent adults. The victims of this case range in age from 2 years to 29 years. They are unable to get basic services. Some of the symptoms of maltreatment are pale skin and muscle atrophy. Some of the children have been neglected by their foster parents.

turpin family’s struggle to access basic services

The Turpin family’s struggles with basic services have led to lawsuits against Riverside County and its foster care agency. Former federal judge Stephen Larson has been appointed to lead the investigation. His team interviewed more than 100 people and reviewed 30,000 pages of documents to uncover the causes of the family’s plight.

The Turpin family’s story is tragic. Their children suffered from severe physical and cognitive development and muscle atrophy. Their siblings were sent to the hospital for evaluation. Medical staff initially mistook them for children and were disbelieving when they found out that some of them were adults. The children were severely malnourished and had suffered from a series of abuses.

The children of the Turpin family were imprisoned in their home for decades, beaten, starved, and shackled. They were never allowed to leave the house without their parents. The family originally lived in Fort Worth, Texas, but moved to Rio Vista, California, in 1999. The abuse began as neglect and eventually escalated to physical violence. The children were eventually taken to foster care.

The Turpin family’s struggle to access basic services spurred several studies. The case was an eye-opening revelation. One study found that seventy-one percent of all child abuse cases were reported by parents. Some risk factors include domestic violence, alcohol, and drug abuse. The Turpin family also experienced economic hardship and lacked access to basic services.

Children’s muscle atrophy

The Turpin family was responsible for children suffering from severe muscle atrophy and poor physical and cognitive development. Their condition is currently stable but the family remains unsure of their long-term prognosis. Although the children have experienced considerable medical progress, they will likely need months of medical treatment.

The Turpin family had a turbulent history. In recent years, two sisters were freed from the family’s Southern California home. They had been planning their escape for years. Their parents, though wealthy, sold them to a pedophile. Only their old cellphone remained in the house.

The children suffered in an environment of extreme deprivation. They were confined to beds with dirty mattresses, were only fed once a day, and were not allowed to use the toilet. The family’s living conditions caused the children to stop growing and suffered from muscle atrophy.

David Turpin’s parents were reportedly deeply religious. They made their children memorize Bible scriptures. Their children ranged in age from three to thirty. They are now in the care of child protection agencies. This case is being investigated by the federal government. This case is a complex one.

David and Louise Turpin were arrested for a crime involving 13 children. The children had been abused and starved by their mother. The children’s condition was so horrific that the police had no choice but to arrest them.

Pale skin

In 1992, the Turpin family filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. They were in a ton of debt, yet continued to live a lavish lifestyle. They even didn’t think twice about having more children. Despite the financial hardships they faced, they didn’t give up on their dream of raising their children.

Louise Turpin was only fifteen when she met David, who was 22 years old. The two dated, but kept it a secret from their parents. Phyllis Turpin was hesitant to tell Wayne about the relationship, but did so because David was from a Christian home. Besides, she trusted David, so he didn’t have to worry.

The Turpin family lived in Texas and California, although they had a farm south of Fort Worth. After moving to California, they started homeschooling their children. The children were often taunted by their neighbors because of their poor hygiene. They often dressed in the same dirty clothes and didn’t shower every day.

The children had severe physical and cognitive developmental problems and pale skin. However, when they were examined, they were stable, but they still required months of treatment. Today, the children are recovering from their ordeals, but their lives haven’t gotten any easier.

Abuse by foster parents

Six children of the Turpin family were sexually and physically abused. Some were chained to their beds, some were not allowed to shower more than once a year, and some were even malnourished from lack of food. The foster family also forced the children to tell them stories of their abuse.

Despite the abuse allegations, ChildNet placed the children in foster care with Olguins. This new foster family had a history of allegedly abusing children. Moreover, the Olguins failed to report the abuse to ChildNet. The agency also failed to intervene when the children were reported to other people. This allowed the Turpins to remain in the Olguins’ Perris home for three years.

The Turpin siblings’ lawsuit against Riverside County alleges that the foster parents were negligent in their care. Despite knowing about the prior history of abuse by the Turpin family, the foster parents allegedly continued to maintain their occupancy of the home for three years. The siblings said the foster parents hit them with sandals, pulled their hair, and hit their heads. Despite the severity of the abuse, the foster parents did not report the abuse to child protective services.

The foster parents pleaded not guilty to child abuse charges. Neither the foster care agency nor Riverside County would comment on the specific allegations of abuse.


The Turpin family diary provides a disturbing glimpse into the lives of two generations of women in Jackson County, North Carolina. The family lived in a two-story frame home in the Barker’s Creek Community. Although the Turpin family was known for their good reputation, there were some things that the Turpins did that their siblings did not. They abused their children and practiced witchcraft.

The diaries are a crucial part of the prosecution’s case. They are evidence that the parents tortured their children for months. DA Hestrin claims the parents starved them, beat them, and sometimes strangled them. The children were also chained for weeks at a time and denied a shower. The journal entries also detail smaller cruelties that the parents committed, such as taunting the children.

The Turpin family lived in a state of constant fear. The children’s parents did not allow them to go outside, play with friends, or open toys. They woke up each day in fear of the abuse they would experience. The parents even denied them the right to sleep. Their children did not have any privacy and were never allowed to see their parents or see a doctor.

Jordan Turpin was 11 years old when she escaped. After two years of abuse, she was determined to escape the family home and protect her siblings. She had been planning her escape for two years, and she was armed with an old cell phone. She called 911 to report the abuse.

Sentencing of David and Louise Turpin

The Sentencing of David and Louise Tur pin has come at a time of great turmoil for the Turpin family. The Turpin family was known for imposing harsh discipline on their children. In fact, the children were kept chained to their beds for most of their lives. The children were also severely malnourished. The youngest victim, Jordan, was just two years old.

David and Louise Turpin were found guilty of committing child abuse and torture on twelve of their 13 children. Both parents pleaded guilty to 14 counts of child abuse, torture, and cruelty to a dependent adult. They were also found guilty of crimes related to falsely obtaining a homeschooling license. During the court proceedings, several of the children addressed the courtroom and talked about their pain.

In February 2019, Louise Turpin pleaded guilty to fourteen charges of crimes, ranging from torture to false imprisonment and child endangerment to adult abuse. The plea deal will keep both parents in prison for the rest of their lives. In addition, the deal secures the prosecution’s major objectives, including the elimination of the requirement that Louise’s children testify at trial.

The Turpin family’s first appearance in court since their arrest last year, the children spoke about their trauma. They told the court that they had suffered from starvation and abused by their parents. The oldest of the children was 82 pounds. The children were malnourished and were unable to sleep, eat or use medicine.

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