JoinPD – PearDeck Login Guide | Things You Need to Know Before Using

Don’t be confused with JoinPd (Join Pear Deck), it is the login portal of Pear deck where you can join an online class or meeting. Join PD is different from other software and online classes services like zoom app, google classroom, etc.

But, how to join the pear deck online class or meeting? Well, it is quite easy for you if you are one who is invited to a meeting or class. If you are not that one and you are the one who is going to create a class (means teacher or master), then you have to take a look at this article to know how to create a class on joinpd using joinpd teacher login.

First Thing First, What is JoinPD?

I am pretty sure that you are familiar with online classes. Well, I know you are also from the earth and you are not the only one who is affected by Coronavirus. To cover the loss of education due to the lockdown, many software and websites were created to continue classes remotely.

Pear Deck is the one which is one of the best online presentation apps. JoinPd is the official login portal of pear deck which lets you join a meeting or class online.

Teachers can create a new class or presentation and can invite their students with a code or email. 

The whole process is not as difficult as it seems cuz’ i will make it easy for you. 

How To Join Pear Deck Presentation?

There are two ways you can join pear deck class. In order to join a meeting or class on Joinpd, you need to understand how joinpd works. When someone creates a class in pear deck or signup as a teacher then the website will allow the teacher to let him/her join other users.

Now, here comes two ways: 

Join Via Code

The first way is to join a class using a pear deck join code. On the pear deck teacher login dashboard, the teacher can get a code to join the class. The teacher can send this code to their students and the students can add the code in the enter code bar as shown below:

The pear deck join code contains 5 characters. If you receive a code with more or less than 5 characters, then it is not the right code. So, make sure you have 5 digits code.

  • Look for a five-character code from the teacher or ask for one.
  • Go to and enter the code in enter code bar. 
  • No, sign up with your Google or Microsoft account to join the class. 

Join Pear Deck Link

The second option is that you will get an email from joinpd com. The mail will contain a join link by which you can go to the login portal. The Pear Dock will get your email address and let you join the pear dock online class. You can create an account or you can also signup through Google or Microsoft account. 

You can find and access the login portals (both students and teachers) on

Anonymous Joining:

Here is the third option of joining the pear deck but this is different from the other two methods. As from the name “Anonymous Joining,” you might understand that this is the option of joining joinpd anonymously. Yes, this is possible. 

It is in the hands of your teacher to let you join the class anonymously. In anonymous joining, joinpd com will not require your email and username and hence the teacher will be unable to retrieve the student’s data. Only the avatar and the nickname will be visible if you join anonymously. 

Anonymous joining is only for students. You can turn on the settings by visiting my account settings.

Guide for Teachers:

Teachers can easily create a new class by visiting the pear deck website. You will need to signup for an account to go further. After signup the pear deck teacher login, pear deck teacher dashboard will open up and you can do whatever you want from there. 

There are some benefits that will make you use joinpd instead of other online class software and websites. One of the biggest benefits is that you can create stunning presentations using pear deck. 

Pear Deck makes study interesting which is another benefit for teachers, students, and also for parents. These things are necessary to know before you start using the pear deck joinpd website. I hope you have understood how to use joinpd. 

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