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English To Hindi

An English To Hindi translation app will likely be your best bet whether you’re looking for a word in English that has a Hindi translation.

You must be wondering, which one is best?

Here you can learn how to choose the best English to Hindi translation apps for your needs.

I haven’t mentioned the types of apps available for learning Hindi, even though some Hindi courses have integrated translators.

The following list includes a wide variety of apps that you can use to translate English to Hindi.

Google Translator

With more than a billion installations on smartphones and electronic devices around the globe, Google Translator is a global favourite.

It makes translating phrases a breeze with its voice translator and camera function, but how accurate are those translations? As a global favorite, you’d expect it to offer features like these.

It has a number of inaccuracies when it comes to translation quality.

Advanced Hindi learners may find this app inaccurate in many respects despite its ability to provide instant Hindi translations.


As well as being accurate, the WordReference app also has a few handy features that facilitate translation and retrieval of recent translations.

As a result of translating the phrase you chose, you will also receive an example sentence illustrating the use of the phrase you chose for future reference.

A conjugator is one of the most useful features of this app.

The translation was accurate for students at upper-intermediate/advanced levels of Hindi despite the lack of an audio translation or pronunciation guide.


Providing translations in over 100 languages, it is becoming more and more popular.

It provides users with both text and voice translation through the iTranslate English to Hindi translation app.

Another feature is camera translation, which lets you translate text by taking a picture of the word you want to translate. Translation is made simple and instant with this perk. Use iTranslate’s image-to-text translation feature if you’re traveling to Spain.

Word Lens

Learn Hindi on the go with this clever app. Translate street signs or posters in Hindi with Word Lens Translator, ideal for travelers visiting Hindi-speaking countries.

Use our camera app and extension to translate English to Hindi the image and hold it there for a few seconds.

A dictionary may not be a necessity for beginners, but it is still an excellent tool.

Hindi Dict Translator

What about a dictionary, a translator, and a conjugator all in one? Here are the things you’ll need.

The Hindi Dict app has it all

A translation app like this one is difficult to find. Minor translation errors are present, but they are of incredibly small magnitude.

You won’t find video lessons in the app like they are on the website. Nevertheless, this is an extremely useful and comprehensive app. To help you learn Hindi, you can sign up for the ‘Word of the Day’ option.

See this Hindi Dict review

Speak and Translate Voice Translator

Hindi to English translation is easy with Speak and Translate Voice Translator. The translation from spoken English to Hindi is what makes it unique – and what makes it useful.

As one drawback, the app isn’t available offline, and some other unique features found in other apps cannot be found in this one. It does, however, have an online dictionary that you can use for Hindi translations.


With Linguee, you can read English to Hindi translations offline and learn how to translate in Hindi using example sentences.

Linguee also lets you hear how native Hindi speakers pronounce words and phrases.

Unlike some other apps on this list, this one does not contain a synonym generator to augment advanced Hindi learners’ vocabulary.

However, even the most nuanced definitions can be translated with this app thanks to its simplicity and ease of use.

English to Hindi

Translate between English and Hindi with this free English to Hindi translator app. Thousands of words can be translated in an instant. Traductor de ingles a español con camara, When translating between English and Hindi, the app is incredibly accurate, and little meaning is lost. Besides being a desktop app, it is also a mobile app, which is very useful.

Although it’s free, it doesn’t have all the features other apps on this list have. The app works as a text translator, which means you must input the text yourself.

As a result, its voice-to-text translation is slightly unreliable and it doesn’t have a camera option.

English-Hindi Dictionary

Easy-to-use English-Hindi dictionary provides translations from Hindi to English and from English to Hindi.

In this app, you can bookmark words and phrases, just like in WordReference.

I found this Hindi translator app most useful because of the examples provided. When giving a translation of single words or short phrases, the examples will help you understand how to use the words in context.

Images cannot be translated, although text can be translated to text.

SayHi Translate

Using SayHi Translate, you can translate conversations and dialogues between two languages instantly. It translates voice input or dialogue between two speakers using voice translation.

In addition to translating text from English to Hindi, this app reads the text aloud. For better understanding, the speed of the playback can be adjusted.

Taking an image or uploading an image into the app will help you receive a translation, although there are a few inaccuracies to be aware of.


In a similar way to Word Lens, TextGrabber works by grabbing text.

Within seconds, you can translate the text from an image using this useful app. You can get offline Hindi translations with the TextGrabber app.

Translate English to Hindi in real-time with this English to Hindi translator app.

However, this app is ideal for people who are traveling abroad to a Hindi-speaking country and are unsure of which dishes to order.

Speak & Translate

Its unique feature is its ability to translate your voice input quickly into Hindi. The app can detect the language you’re writing in so you can translate your text more accurately into Hindi.

There are voice-to-voice, voice-to-text, and text-to-text options for over 100 languages, including European and Mexican Hindi. As well as this, the offline mode allows you to convert between English and Hindi easily.


Students at intermediate levels will benefit from DeepL’s alternative sentences. Considering the large number of English phrases that can be translated into Hindi, this is an ideal translation tool.

You can use this app to translate phrases such as ‘I hope you’re well’, such as ‘I hope you’re well,’ which Google Translate does not provide.

With DeepL, you can also translate files and documents, with pro-options available at an additional cost – such as unlimited text translation. There is only a text translator in this app, unlike the others.

Hindi translation apps: what you need to know

Besides providing accurate translations, an English to Hindi translation app should also have a camera option for translating text.

Isn’t that pretty good?

With your camera, you can translate the text into Hindi with just a few clicks!

Several translation apps also offer the option to record and translate your voice into Hindi, so you might want to check them out. Apps that convert voice into text are useful for communicating with native speakers.

A reliable one will translate the voice input with little delay.

Additionally, you can listen to how the translated Hindi text should be pronounced. Pronunciation practice is easy with these great apps.

In addition, you can upload whole files to some apps to be translated into Hindi. You can unlock an unlimited number of file translations by paying for some of these services.

Here are some English to Hindi translation apps you should keep an eye out for now that you know what to look for!

Learn Hindi through English translation apps

Apps that translate English to Hindi are extremely useful, no matter where you are in your translation process.

Basic translations are available online. Travelers can use their cameras to translate texts, and advanced students can use example sentences to learn more about the contexts in which they should be used. During the introduction, we mentioned some features to look for.

A Hindi to English translator app is available for every need, whether you want audio to improve your pronunciation or a file upload option.

Translate English to Hindi and improve your Hindi skills with the best English to Hindi translation app.

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