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Umbrella Bird: An Interesting Specie For Study And Research

umbrella bird

Umbrella Bird is one of the interesting species of birds that will make you stare at them for a long time. Many people don’t know much about umbrellabird but we are here to tell you the complete detail of this fantastic creature that has a distinctive call. 

We will help you to differentiate male from female birds with some interesting traits that they have. So, without wasting any time, let’s start our topic which is umbrellabird.

Umbrella Bird:

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Umbrellabird is a specie of bird from the Cotingidae family and is mostly found in the tropical forests of South and Central America. Umbrellabird is an omnivore which means that it preys upon both plants and animals. 

There are a lot of things interesting in this creature that makes it different from other species and birds. One of these traits is its distinct voice. Its call makes it different from other birds. Umbrellabird is mostly known for its loud and distinctive call. This call plays an important role in mating purposes. I will explain it later. 

Appearance, Habitat, and Diet:

Many people wonder what does an umbrella bird look like because they are also known for their unique appearance. It has an umbrella-like crest of feathers on its head which resembles an umbrella. This feature causes the name “umbrellabird”. The scientific name of this creature is “Cephalopterus”. The crest of this bird is blue-black colored which can be raised and flowered in order to attract a mate. The male specie looks more attractive and showier than the female. Male has longer crest than females. 

The umbrellabird is usually found in the tropical forests of South and Central America with a length of 50 centimeters. The average weight is between 320g to 570g. It lives in rainforests. The average lifespan of this bird is 12 to 20 years. 

It mostly eats, small incests, lizards, fruits, and palm nuts. The Amazonian umbrellabird, the Long-wattled umbrellabird, and the Bare-necked umbrellabird are the three different species of umbrella bird. 

All these species are relatively similar in appearance but they live in slightly different areas. This bird is a solitary animal and mostly lives alone. 


One of the most interesting traits of this bird is its sound. The umbrella bird sound is different from other animals and there is also a difference between male and female sounds. The male bird creates a loud distinct call. This deep loud and booming noise creates an echoing sound in the forest. On the other hand, the female bird has a low and subdued call which is used to attract mates. 

Mating Behavior:

As we have stated that this is a solitary bird and it lives alone or in small groups. They fly within short distances and avoid long flights but still, they are good fliers. They play an important role in our ecosystem because they distribute fruits after eating the fruits. 

A male displays its crest and makes its sound to attract a mate for mating during mating seasons. 

Dangers for umbrellabird:

There are a lot of social and environmental dangers to this bird. In the case of prey, snakes and monkeys are the most common predators of this bird. On the other side, this creature is also facing environmental issues like climate change and deforestation. These two issues are great reasons for adding it to the list of endangered species.   


Umbrellabird fun facts:

There are a lot of facts related to this fantastic creature. This creature is good for studying and researching. Here are 5 interesting facts related to this bird:

  1. The male umbrella looks more beautiful than the female. 
  2. The male bird has a deep, louder, and more beautiful sound while the female has a less attractive sound. 
  3. The umbrella-like crest can be lowered and raised which is used for attracting a mate. 
  4. This bird is a solitary animal that’s why it is compared with the woodpecker. 
  5. Umbrellabird is on the list of endangered species. 

These were some interesting facts related to this bird.


The umbrella bird is mostly known for its unique appearance which is the umbrella-like crest on its head. They are mostly seen in black, dark green, and dark blue colors and they are mostly found in the rainforests of South and Central America. It is also an important point to note that the males and more beautiful and have deep and loud sounds than the female birds. Hope you find this article interesting. 

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